Q: How can we lubricate when broken strands occurs on the wirerope?
A: This is not the time to start lubrication, this is the time to stop! Masto is extending the time before broken strands occurs. If broken strands occurs, seals will be worn out faster.

Q: Can different wireropesizes be lubricated with the same seal set?
A: No. You’ll need one different seal set for each different wireropesize.The actual wirerope diamtre must be measured exactly, best by hand (with measuregauge), before ordering seals.

Q: What kind of lubricant can be used?
A1: A no. 1 grade viscosity, soft reminding, soft lubricant of various brands with low ambient temperature.
A2: A no. 2 grade can also be used with high ambient temperatures.
Note: Contact us for detailed advice for lubricant. Do not use oil or liquid, it will disapare very
fast from the rope and the pressure will be redused in the lubricator.

Q: What kind of wirerope constructions and ropesize can Masto be used for?
A: Masto penetrates all wirerope constructions with heavy duty lubricant, even the most compact constructions. Masto lubricates wireropesizes from Ø 4mm up to even Ø 76mm. Lubricator for larger ropedimentions is available upon spesial request.

Q: How long does the seals last?
A: Seals are usually lasting between 3-4000 meters (9-12000 feet), depending on the wirerope condition.

Q: What is the lubricant consumption?
A: Masto will advice lubricant consumption for various rope diameters and constructions.