Experiences by the worlds leading manufactures of wireropes.

* Bridon International: view pdf
* Monrad Andersen Riggservice A.S:

Experiences by the crane gigant.

* Liebherr Nenzing: view picture

Experiences from offshore north sea.

* Mobil Exploration Norway Inc.: view picture.
* K/S TeroTech A/S: view HTML or view picture1view picture2.

Experiences by various ship owners.

* V.SHIPS (One of the worlds largest shipmanagements): Teekay Shipping (Canada) LTD: view picture.
* Multi-Purpose 4.
* Chiquita Frances.
* Nordic Apollo.
* Capt. J. Muzerlin.
* IMC Shipping, Singapore: view email (htm format) * International Tanker Management Limited.

Tests by Authorities.

* Det Norske Veritas.
* The Norwegian Labour inspection: * London, Department of Energy.
* Department of Transport, Australian: view pdf.
* Professor Oplatka Eth Zurich: view HTML.

Tests from various mines.

* Mobil: view picture.
* Inco Limited in Thompson, Manitoba.
* Løkken Gruber A/S & Co.
* Texaco Canada Inc..


*Oiltanking Hamburg Oiltanking Hamburg *BOA PDF * Geoteam Umbilical Cable.
* The Netherlands fishery Institute Rivo, Amsterdam: view picture * Athena marine: view email (txt format) * Unicom, CY: view email (word format) * Oil tanker Ceres:* Wallem, International Shipsmanagement, Hong Kong: * Columbia Shipsmanagement, Cyprus: view email (html format)